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Cheremoya Avenue Elementary

6017 Franklin Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Ph. (323) 464-1722

Fax (323) 463-2928

Office Hours: 

7:30 am - 4:30 pm


YDPYouth Development Program

Kinder through 6th grade

for more information

please contact Coach Jenny


EYS - East Youth Services

1st through 6th grade

For more information 

please contact:

Coach Cesar


More info here.


Parent Center

Room 22 (bungalow) - Mrs. Gonzalez


8am-Noon Tuesdays

8am-1pm Thursdays 

LAUSD Meal Application: All should submit!

Whether you qualify or not, please complete an LAUSD Meal Application for your student.  Cheremoya benefits from every single form submitted and receives funding based on the number of applications submitted.

Meal Application Info - need more information, step-by-step instruction in English and Spanish. Armenian apps available.

ONLINE Meal Application Why wait? Submit now! It's easy!

September 2014: Calendar Items



Sept  3 - Theatre Class for Rooms 12 & 16
Sept  4 - Child ID Picture Day, P.E.,
      Cheremoya Foundation Meeting 5:30pm Auditorium
Sept  5 - Gardening Class, ELAC Parent Orientation 8:30am, 
              ELAC Elections 9:30am

Sept  8 - Dance Class, Iron Chef 2:30p
Sept  9 - Chess Club 1:30p
Sept 10 - Art for Rooms 8 & 14. Theatre Rooms 12 & 16, 
              Lego Robotics 2:30p
Sept 11 - P.E., Fine Art 2:30p, SSC Orientation 2:45p, 
              SSC Elections 3:15pm
Sept 12 - Gardening Class, Rocket Science 2:30p

Sept 15 - Dance Class, Iron Chef 2:30p
Sept 16 - Chess Club 2:30p, 
              BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT 4:30-6:00PM
Sept 17 - Art for Rooms 8 & 14. Theatre Rooms 12 & 16, 
              Young Story Tellers Session I, Lego Robotics 2:30p 
Sept 18 - P.E., Fine Art 2:30p 
Sept 19 - Picture Day, Gardening Class, 
              Title 1 Parent Meeting 8:30am, Rocket Science 2:30p

Sept 22 - FIRE DRILL, Dance Class, Iron Chef 2:30p
Sept 23 - Chess Club 1:30p 
Sept 24 - Art for Rooms 8 & 14. Theatre Rooms 12 & 16, 
              Earthquake Drill, YST Session II, Lego Robotics 2:30p
Sept 25 - SCHOOL CLOSED Rosh Hashanah
Sept 26 - Gardening Class, Rocket Science 2:30p

Sept 29 - Dance Class, Iron Chef 2:30p
Sept 30 - Chess Club 1:30p 

Recurring Weekly Events:  

Mondays: Iron Chef Enrichment Class 2:30pm

Tuesdays: Dismissal is 1:29PM, Chess Club Enrichment Class 1:30pm

Wednesdays: Theatre for Rooms 12 & 16 (Fall), Art Class for Rooms 8 & 14 (Fall), Lego Robotics Enrichment Class 2:30pm

Thursdays: Phys. Ed. with YMCA, Fine Art Enrichment Class 2:30pm

Friday: Morning Assembly 8:05am, Gardening Class with EnrichLA, Astronomy Enrichment Class 2:30pm

Grades 3,4,5,6 GATE Programs: TBA

Please join us for Friday Morning Assemblies at 8:05am in the yard.






ICYMI! Make your child's birthday extra special. For a minimum donation of $25 your child's name will be displayed on the Cheremoya Marquee on Franklin Ave for the day, wishing them a Happy Birthday. Please see the office at least one week before your child's big day. Please make checks payable to Cheremoya Elementary.  Money raised by this fundraiser will support the student body and the special education program at Cheremoya Elementary.



Cheremoya News & Blog

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Grades PKKindergarten and 1-6 students are dismissed from the two Cheremoya gates (one for valet pick-up, the other for walking students).  Parents, please wait outside the gates, as the procedure allows for a safer dismissal system.  Please do not make U-Turns or cross the street without a crosswalk- it is for your child's safety.  


State Pre-School students are dismissed from the Beachwood gate.  


Parents, please note that the "Closed Campus" policy means that during school hours, our campus is "closed," with all doors & gates locked.  This is to ensure the safety of our students.  This also means that parents (unless they are volunteering) may NOT stay on campus during school hours.  Once the bell rings at 8:05 parents may not stay on the playground, patio, or hallways to peek into classrooms.  We understand it is exciting to see your child in class, but it can be distracting to their learning, and it is against LAUSD safety compliances for you to be there.  

If you are volunteering in classrooms, you MUST SIGN-IN AND SIGN-OUT at the office, no matter how long your visit.  According to district policy, any volunteer who stays longer than 16 hours per week must register fingerprints with the district.  

Thank you for understanding this policy.  We at Cheremoya value the safety and learning of your children, and would appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  

Today: 9/23/14

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